Graphic Tees for Men

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Ben Sherman Mic Short Sleeve Graphic Tee for Men
T-shirts are the most subtle way to make a statement. It can also be the boldest. This one in particular is for karaoke night! Teach the world to sing, write a song or at least just sing. If you are a singer wear this. If you are a writer, get this. If your frustration is to be either of the two, make sure you have one. It’s for everybody who in one way or another love music! We all do, don’t we?
Ben Sherman Graphic Crew Neck T-Shirt
Sometimes a basic, plain white shirt is not enough to pull off sexy, cool, and hot. A funky graphic lifts the whole look to a level of “desirable.” The tangerine (the major color of the print) pops out from the white and even with a peacoat or denim jacket, it still makes its way through to be noticed. It would seem like you are a lover of music with this shirt on. Whether it is true or not, it is a good thing. Make a white shirt and jeans ensemble look a little bit romantic with this T-shirt from Ben Sherman.
Ben Sherman Music Short Sleeve Graphic Tee
Show the world (this could mean your neighborhood, friends, and even your pet spider if your work from home and rarely go out) that you love music. The shirt has a bold print that says “distorted sound of rock and roll.” Whatever that means, it’s up to you to discern. The fit is relaxed but it has short sleeves and fitted chest to enhance the silhouette. It feels soft and sensual too. Perfect for that first few dates, a concert, a night out with friends, or jamming sessions with music enthusiasts.
Kenneth Cole Leopard Graphic Tee, Purple Plum
A purple shirt is an eyecatcher. The color is so rich, bold, and seductive. This shirt from Kenneth Cole has a leopard graphical print and stitches in a contrasting color that makes it more interesting. It looks good with a tan. Plum adds glow to olive skin. It is also recommended for brown skin. It is made of 100% cotton and machine washable. Cotton is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making this T-shirt wearable all year long.
Armani Exchange A|X Neck T-Shirt
This V-neck, slim fit T-shirt from Armani Exchange is a very subtle way to seduce the girl you like. At a glance, it is so sexy. When you stare at it, it enhances the seductiveness of a man: the V-neck, the fitted sleeves, the tight chest, the trimmed waistline, the print on the shoulder. It looks light, breezy, and easy. You won’t have a problem mixing this with your pants and shoes. It looks urban but can be worn in the resort as well.
Friend or Foe Deeds Mellow Yellow Graphic Tee
Limited edition graphics. Another shirt with a strong statement. How do you stand out in a sea of T-shirts? Wear one with a strong statement through its graphics. “Deeds Not Words” is what this T-shirt is preaching. It features Max Roach, an American jazz percussionist, drummer and composer. During his time, he made several musical statements that relates to the African Americans civil rights movement. Since it is a very basic item of clothing, you can basically wear it with anything. It is highly recommended that you wear it with a brave heart.

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