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Fox Racing Solitaire String Triangle Top Bathing Suit
A great bathing suit top to pair with cut-off jeans or distressed boyfriend jeans as you walk on the beach or go hopping around the bars and restaurants. If you are thinking of wearing board shorts, this is a good match too. If you prefer a tough look to the feminine appeal, this is your beach buddy. It’s a string top and bikini ensemble to show off a lot of skin and curves. The graphics, however, reflects a tough and active personality. Wear it with silver bangles and/or silver bangle earrings to jazz it up. Want to go for a swim in it? Purchase the bottom separately.
Fox Racing Turbulence Reversible Side Tie Bathing Suit
Tribal warrior by day turned mermaid by night. This Fox swimsuit goes from printed to plain, day suit to one to wear while night swimming. It is amazing to think of bringing just one set of swimsuit to a weekend getaway. But with this reversible suit from Fox, you can! The bikini bottom looks great with ponchos, loosely-knitted tank tops, and a lot of accessories. Use the unused baggage space for bangles and earrings. When night falls, you may use the other side to go night swimming and blend with the sensuality of the moon and waves of the sea during night-time.
Fox Racing First Class String Triangle Top Swimsuit
The gold label. If you think you have reached the point of having the “gold label,” show it off with this black and gold swimsuit by Fox. It’s polished, sophisticated and expensive looking. Made of 82% nylon and 18% spandex. The cut of the top is great for different bust shapes. Wear it with a black or white goddess dress. Wear it with gold, dangling earrings. Wear it with cuffs on each hand. Wear it with a golden tan. Wear it with beach blonde hair. Wear it with black and gold sarong for that exotic allure.
Fox Racing Rumble String Triangle Top Bathing Suit
Sun and candy. Mix the two and what do you get? A fun and flirty swim suit from Fox. It is for girls in their late teens up to women in their early thirties. The striking pink is a sure way to attract attention and look sweet and dainty. The black string and print gives a dark twist to it, though. The top is something you can wear under a tank top or white cotton shirt when you are off the water. You can even wear a sheer dress on it and a straw hat to round off the sweetness.
Fox Racing Smash String Triangle Top Swimsuit
She was afraid to come out of the locker. She was as nervous as she could be. Two, three, four, tell the people what she wore. It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie pink polka-dot bikini. Well, in this pink polka dot bikini you wouldn’t want to stay in the locker at all. You want to show this off. On the sand. In the water. By the coconut tree.
Fox Juniors Voltage Fixed Halter Top
The swim suit that looks great on girls. A halter top makes the bust look in place instead of all over the place. The band makes it look young and active. The graphics are really hip and something you would not be afraid to put on. Don’t be afraid of spring break anymore. You are sure to grab some attention if you sport this top. Match it with cool Fox board shorts for that garcons appeal. Wear it with spandex pants and you can walk around the resort with it. Made of 82% spandex and 18% nylon.
Fox Juniors First Class Triangle Top
For the teenager who wants to make a strong statement. A lot of young girls like to emulate top models, but their bodies are not developed enough to fit the triangle tops. If you are one of those girls, fret no more. You can have the same look with the right fit with this Fox triangle swim suit top. Be young, be cool, be sexy, be hot. Be you. While you’re young, mix and match this top with shorts, skirts, and a lot of accessories such as hats, bracelets, anklets, and sunglasses so you won’t miss out on anything when you grow older. Have fun with it!

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