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D.E.P.T. Animal Light Crepe Strapless Night Dress for Women
Ladies, leave your men at home. Tonight, all the girls are going to party! It’s time for some laughter and merriment with your girlfriends. Wear this animal print, crepe, strapless dress, as if you are entirely dressing up for yourself, using your animal instinct. Slip this tube dress on with some killer high heels. Put your hair down and pump the volume. Make the town your safari and feel like a lioness as you hunt and play with the other females. Everybody has their wild side. This time, wear it and just go with it.
Bebe Braided Asymmetric Print Ladies Night Dress – Untamed Leopard C (M)
The Bebe assymetric dress with hypnotic print is a head turner. Take this body hugging mini- dress out on the prowl, and be sure to wow any amorous interest. The print that is hard to describe, plus the ruching, plus the braid detail make this dress the perfect outfit to cast spells in the modern world. Wear it with a blazer to work, and some dangling earrings when you go clubbing. Always pair with high heels. Bag or no bag, you’re set to an enchanting evening. It’s sexy. It’s exciting. It’s hypnotic. Release your inhibitions!
2b Twist Front Metallic Dress – COPPER (L)
We will be seeing a lot of metallic dresses soon. Before everyone will have a piece, grab one and be the first to flaunt this amazing look. The Bebe metallic tube dress is the dress to go for if you want an ultra-sexy, ultra-hot number. The twisted sweetheart neckline accentuates your cleavage. The ruched seams give your curves definition. Pile on jewellery with this dress. Layers of necklaces won’t do harm. Multiple bangles won’t be too much. Your killer stilettos won’t be over nor understated when paired with this Bebe copper dress. In clubs filled with black, copper is your best choice to stand out, be noticed, and thrive.
Elizabeth and James Stiletto Sheath Dress Black Size 4
Bad girl on the loose! If color is not your thing, this black dress is certainly a deviation from the ones you already have. There is no other color that is stronger and more versatile than black. The dress looks like a tube over a tank top and a skirt. It’s made of mesh and jersey for a secure fit. Talk about uptown class with street glam. As seductive and rebellious as it looks, it is also very appropriate. It’s tickles your mind, that’s for sure. Reveal your dark side without looking punk, severe, or something you are not. Take your personality to a new direction for a night in this sheath dress from Elizabeth and James.
Shoulder Embellished V-Neck Ladies Nightdress
Feeling a little bold? Go ahead and slip on this black dress with embellished shoulders and neckline and grab all the attention. It’s a wonderful feeling sometimes. The gold against the black is a classic appeal of elegance and sophistication. At the same time, it’s brave and enticing. A loose bodice and a hip hugging skirt is just the right amount if allure in a dress. It looks good with stilettos but it doesn’t loose its appeal with flats. If your are six feet tall, go ahead and slip those flats on. Great for a party somewhere in the Mediterranean or the Pacific.

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