Wool Waistcoats for Men

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Tommy Hilfiger Trim Fit 100% Wool Vest With Pockets
Seriously, nowadays only a few stylish men wear a waistcoat. But if you have reached that point in your life wherein you need one, look for one that is versatile. This Tommy Hilfiger waistcoat is an answer to your waistcoat dilemma. It’s a very off-the-rack take to a waistcoat, but if you don’t have the luxury of time to go to a tailor and have one made, this is a good buy.
H.E. Homini Emerito Men’s Wool Waistcoat
A variation to the gray waistcoat is this very dark blue one from H. E. Homini Emerito. It is made of 53% wool, 35% polyester, 3% acrylic, 2% viscose and 2% polyamide. It is lined with 100% polyester. Since it is in a dark color, it will match a lot of your trousers and a lot of your shirts. You can even wear it on casual Fridays to style your outfit and add a third piece. Bespoke clothing can be costly, unless you are taking a trip to Thailand or the Philippines, so getting one that is ready-to-wear is a good option.
H.E. Homini Emerito Cable Knit Waistcoat
If you have had your share of tailored waistcoats, perhaps a cable knit waistcoat would interest you. Made of 100% wool, this waistcoat is a good layer for the colder months. It has a preppy, schoolboy appeal to it. Just don’t look grumpy in it to avoid looking old. It looks hip when worn with a tie, or maybe even a bow. May be worn with th jacket off. It comes in clay and bottle green. The clay variation would make an exciting addition to your wardrobe as it splashes a bit of color to what normally is a collection of dark hues.

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