Fox Boardshorts for Men

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Fox Boardshorts for Men, TS Electric Blue
Looking forward to spending the holidays in the Bahamas or the beaches in Thailand? Or maybe surfing or learning how to surf in Siargao in the Philippines? You definitely need a good pair of boardshorts. Start building your luggage around this pair of boardshorts from Fox.  Pair it with one of these swim shirts for men to really make a good impression. Enjoy the sun and the sand all the way. Looks best on the sweet guy, it matches well with white, yellow, blue and green swim shirts tank tops and T-shirts. The electric blue is a color that catches the eye, so be ready for the ladies trailing along.
Fox Men’s Metric Boardshort
If you intend to spend more than two days in a resort, then you definitely need another pair of boardshorts. If too many graphics is not your thing, then grab this one. Look like a cool tourist in these metric boardshorts. Like the previous ones, these look best with other colors. Very boy-next-door type. Play a game of beach volleyball, hike the rocky hillside, go snorkeling, or enjoy the sunset with these low-key shorts. Its flat front and stringed waistband is so flaterring even on a little belly. It rests comfortably on the love handles and long enough to cover the knee or some of it. Click on the button and start packing!
Fox Racing Rockstar Boardshorts
You may think that men’s swimwear is as simple as A-B-C but really, it is a jungle out there. If you prefer cool graphics, These are the right Fox Racing boardshorts for you. The bold graphics of these boardshorts say that you are interesting and fun to have around. Set in black and white, you won’t have a difficult time matching this one with your swim shirts and tank tops. But black looks ultra hot. Even if you plan to do active water sports, this pair of rockstar boardshorts does its job in helping you perform your best.
Fox Boardshort, Men’s V3
Plan your trip ahead of time. You don’t want to be wearing a sarong on the beach, do you? Get yourself these Fox Boardshorts. It is the coolest swimwear and resort wear for men. It has a bold Fox logo so your friends and acquaintances will know you make good choices. If you have a flat tummy and good enough muscles in the arms, by all means, go topless with it. But if you packed on a little belly, please match it with a shirt. It looks cool that way. It will also protect you from sunburn. Made of nylon, this pair of boardshorts dries quickly and machine washable.
Fox Board Shorts – Bionic Shards 4-Way Stretch
Spruce up your swimwear section with the Bionic Shards 4-way Stretch Boardshorts. Their quick-dry, water-repellent technology is perfect for professional surfers and surfing enthusiasts. It is made of mechanical stretch fabric (in 100% polyester) that stretches up to 107% of its original size. Even if you don’t surf, there’s no harm in getting one. Every guy wants to enjoy ever minute of his vacation. Its bold print is very eye catching. So even if you own a pair already, you need this one. Imagine having to repeat wearing one pair of boardshorts in a week in Hawaii. You don’t want to bet hat guy!

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Swim Shirts for Men

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