Tommy Hilfiger Sweaters for Men

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Tommy Hilfiger Sweater, Men’s High-neck Quarter-zip
A cozy sweater in a classic look is always good to have. It is very versatile and looks good on everyone. Tommy Hilfiger has made a very clean and crisp sweater for the minimalist guy. It is all black, with black ribbed cuff, neck and waist. The only deviation to the black is the red trim in the neck. This is a no risk jacket. Anyone would look good in this. Buy one for yourself, one for your brother, one for your father and one for your best friend. They would appreciate it.
Tommy Hilfiger Mens Reed Half-zip Sweater
Another staple of any guy’s closet is a half-zip sweater. This would look great under a jacket or over a shirt. It is the cold weather T-shirt. Tommy Hilfiger’s half-zip sweater has an open-hemmed bottom and cuffed sleeves with TH flag on a left cuff. An all-around sweater, you can wear this over and over again from early fall to early spring. Wear it to work and off work. It looks best with a flat stomach.
Tommy Hilfiger Men Half-zip Logo Sweater
Another varaiation of the half-zip sweater, a staple of any guy’s closet. This would look great under a jacket or even over a collared shirt. It is the cold weather T-shirt. This one in particular has a preppy appeal. The ribbed neck, cuffs and waist are very pronounced. Again, this is an all-around sweater, you can wear this many times between early fall and early spring. Wear it to work and off work. It looks best with a flat stomach.
Tommy Hilfiger Striped Logo V-Neck Sweater
Cool your senses on a cool day. Brighten up the mood with Tommy Hilfiger’s orange, white and gray V-neck sweater. Wonderful for spring or even in the dead winter. It is a gentleman’s way of saying “Cheer up!” without being tacky about it. Wear with light khakis in early spring or under a melton jacket or a navy peacoat during the winter. Wear with lime or lemon scarf and dark blue jeans. Made of 100% cotton. Cotton, the fabric of our lives, as we all felt, is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Take this sweater from one season to the next.
Tommy Hilfiger V-neck Argyle Sweater
Argyle knitwear held its place in fashion in England and then the USA after the first world war. Pringle of Scotland popularised the pattern. It was then identificatified with the Duke of Windsor. Today, the Argyle design lives and is still thriving. Tommy Hilfiger made the Argyle pattern a sweater centerpiece. It is a lightweight sweater that suits all seasons. A good sweater to put on a dressy but casual night (or day). You can never go wrong with it. A good match with khakis, gray wool trousers, denims, and even with a kilt, if you must.

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