Ben Sherman Shirts for Men

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Ben Sherman Classic Formal Stripe Long Sleeve Woven Shirt
For the classic gentleman with a mod spirit. Perfect for an office with a casual environment. If you like a slightly tight fitted shirt, this is for you. It rests on the shoulders and chest just right. The shirt has a young, fresh and very boyish appeal to it. The stripes make a great detail, giving an impression of a lean and fit body. It is also an alternative to the usual plain shirt, without looking over the top. A great Ben Sherman shirt to match with dark jeans, cotton twill pants, and even corduroy cargo pants. It looks good with Chelseas and loafers.
Ben Sherman Laundered Western Long Sleeve Woven Shirt
Check mate. Checks have become a staple in a man’s wardrobe. If you want to look cool, young and well-dressed, this button-down shirt is a fun choice. It is great for the weekend, spent around town or driving to the countryside. It works well with denim or corduroy pants. Dark brown corduroy cargo pants will look hot with this shirt. Sneakers make a good for that casual vibe. Just make it a habit to check yourself in the mirror to find out what works and what doesn’t.
Ben Sherman Laundered Easy Stripe Long Sleeve Woven Shirt
Another great addition to your wardrobe is this shirt with rolled-up sleeves to highlight your worked-out biceps. It has double chest pockets as a detail to accentuate the chest. Looks cute under a navy blazer to wear to the office or with shorts on rest days, going around town during the day. Wear with with a bracelet or two to make it more interesting. A silver necklace with a leaf or feather pendant will also take this shirt to another level. A fedora won’t hurt either. Instead, it will make the look more romantic.
Ben Sherman Tonal Printed Target Long Sleeve Woven Shirt
Polka dots are the cutest thing out there. It just lifts your spirit up and bring you to a good mood. It’s cute. It’s fun. It’s joyful. It’s cool. It is happiness in a shirt! Wear it with a smile. Wear it with happy thoughts. Wear it to the office. Wear it to a night out with friends. Wear it to a date. Wear it to Thanksgiving dinner. Wear it on New Year’s eve. Wear it on Valentine’s day. Wear it during the summer. Wear it all you want and all you can. It looks good on every occassion.
Ben Sherman Laundered Poplin Western Long Sleeve Woven Shirt
You may already have all the plain shirts in the world. Now it’s time for some patterns. This grungey looking shirt except for the mod fit is a bold choice to break the monotony. It’s strikingly cool. It has double chest pockets that disappears in the pattern. Use it to impress your date with a magic trick or something. It has a rodeo yoke at the back that adds an interesting detail. Tuck it in and wear a belt with carved buckle, or untucked with camp pants. The point is, have fun with it.

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