Army Fatigue Cargos

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Woodland Camo Vintage Patratrooper Fatigues
In my opinion every guy should at least have one pair of cargo pants, for that weekend camping, fishing trip, all boys convention on hobbies like car tuning or hunting. No matter how busy you are in the city, you will always have certain occasions when you need to get rugged, or at least look the part. These army cargos are super soft, made of washed cotton blend twill, to relate to different lifestyles and environments. Available in 6 varieties for the young and the not so young.
Camouflage Military BDU Pants, Army Cargo Pants (Woodland Camouflage, Size Small)
Ever dreamed of becoming a soldier when you were a boy? Get yourself a pair of these army fatigue cargo pants already and live that dream a little bit! Made of cotton/polyester blend, this pair of cargo pants from Rothco doesn’t only look tough, it is tough. Living up to its name, these have several pockets so you can take a lot of things with you. But please, this is still a piece of clothing and not your toolbox nor workroom. Play a game of paintball with your adult friends with it, or take it camping with your son. Wear it on the weekends. Just have fun with them, because that’s the point of having these pants!
Vintage Vietnam Era 6 Pocket Fatigue Pants, Tiger Stripe Camouflage
These army fatigues cargo pants are really stylish. A replica of what the US Navy Seals wore to the war in Vietnam, the tiger stripes are a symbol of bravery, honor, and a sense of style. It has a vintage look to it due to pre-washing process, but these pants are new, soft and comfortable. It has drawstring bottoms and adjustable waist tabs so you can change the lines and fit of your pants. Wear it with a cotton T-shirt and flip flops or a denim jacket for an up-to-date look. Just do go military all the way or else you will have a different impression.
Military 8-Pocket BDU Pants City Camo Paratrooper Fatigues (Medium)
Make your play time more exciting with this pair of Ultra Force cargo pants. Made to be supersoft, you will be free from those unsightly rash or red marks on the waist from wearing heavy trousers. It has eight, not six, but eight pockets for extra storage to carry all your gear. It is also very durable and could last forever. A great addition to your weekend clothes, match it with a button-down shirts and a pair of Adidas Samba’s. Enjoy your off-duty time, whether it be active sports or gallivanting.
2686 Khaki Vintage Paratrooper Fatigues (Small)
It is not just a pair of cargo pants, it’s a warbdrobe staple. If you don’t own a pair yet, get one already! We all know that they are next to jeans in the hierarchy of our favourite garments. Made of washed cotton blend twill to look vintage and feel comfortable. You’ll enjoy wearing it over and over again. Plus it has a total of eight pockets because Rothco knows most men hate carrying a bag around. Perfect for your trip abroad to wear while walking around the city streets.

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