Short Sleeve Jackets for Women

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Bestselling Short Sleeve Jackets for Women

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With the sun starting to shine and the temperature increasing, it is a great idea to add a short sleeved jacket to your wardrobe, ladies. This particular piece of apparel is available as outerwear or as part of an ensemble created with either a pants suit or a dress. Whatever you want to express with your outfit, there is a type of short sleeve jacket that will help you do it.

Short Sleeve Denim Jackets

A short sleeve denim jacket is a fantastic item to wear over a sundress . Much like the utility jacket, it’s an easy way to give a very girly or posh outfit a bit of edge.

Denim tends to be a bit too hot to wear during summertime though. Solution: Get a short sleeve denim jacket. This type of jacket can have front pockets as well as decorative embroidery used to enhance the look of the finished piece. If you think you’ll be restricted to a shade of blue, then look out for black or white denim jackets.

If you’re going for a cowgirl look, this jacket is a wardrobe essential. You’ll be done by wearing it with a checked blouse, but if you really want to go the extra mile, put on your cowboy hat!

Wear with: A sundress or button-down shirt with shorts or skirt.

Do not wear with: Jeans. unless you really know what you are doing. Denim on denim is almost never a good combination.

Short Sleeve Blazers

A short sleeve blazer is very versatile. There are many different ways you can use it.  You can use it to dress down a very formal outfit, or use it to dress up your jeans. It’s an amazing piece of clothing for layering. The blazer will come in fabrics made to be worn during the warm weather months so the woman will stay cool and comfortable. This item can also be paired with a formal dress such as a Mother of the Bride long gown or with an evening gown. Some formal gowns will come with a matching blazer or jacket designed to be worn with them, which relieves you of the duty of picking one out. That said, I always advise people to buy jackets that will match well with several pieces of clothing they own.

You can’t really go wrong with a short sleeved blazer, unless you match the colors wrong. There’s a lot of way in which you can wear it, so you just need to experiment with it a little. Click here to view Amazon’s full collection of short sleeved blazers.

Wear with: A button-down shirt and formal skirt to the office, or jeans and a t-shirt to a friend’s party.

Do not wear with: Gym clothes ;)

Short Sleeve Bolero Jackets

A short sleeve bolero jacket can give you just that bit of extra warmth you need when the sun is setting or the wind is picking up. These jackets are very short, usually ending just below the bust line. These jackets will keep you the most cool out of all the jackets mentioned here, and they’re just coming back into style! I especially like the bolero jacket over a formal gown. You could easily wear it to a black tie event or prom.

Wear with: An evening gown or promdress. A short sleeve top with plain color or simple print.

Do not wear with: Anything with frills or too much decoration. Keep it simple.

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