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What can buffalo jackets for men offer for those looking for a quality motorcycle jacket? Buffalo leather provides an alternative to cowhide leather but has many of the same qualities. Buffalo leather is thick and strong like cowhide leather, which makes it ideal for jackets. Made from the water buffalo, a buffalo leather jacket does not use the full thickness of the hide. Most quality buffalo motorcycle jackets for men have a thickness between 1.5 and 2 mm.  Buffalo leather is softer than cowhide but can still withstand abuse such as resisting cuts and punctures.

Although they have some differences, buffalo leather is similar to cowhide in that they are both strongest when they come from full grain leather and do not easily stretch. Top grain is the next best choice but other options include nappa, nutbuck, latigo or strapping, split and suede. The buffalo hide is not necessarily tougher because it is not usually used in its natural state. However, the method for tanning is considered a green method without the use of chemicals. The look of the leather is also more distinct earthy and rustic look.

This distinct look helps make a buffalo leather motorcycle jacket ideal for those who appreciate something a little different.  Men’s buffalo leather jackets have many great features motorcyclists can appreciate such as lighter weights and less bulkiness. Premium buffalo leather is not only lightweight but is also affordable. Naked buffalo leather has nothing added except dye during tanning so they are soft and supple. However, they are still strong and thick. In addition, there are zippered vents and zippered pockets as well as snap collar options needed for these jackets.

This leather makes perfect material for motorcycle jackets because it breathes easily and absorbs and releases moisture. It adapts to the body’s temperature so it cools during the summer and heats during the winter. Although buffalo leather does not easily stretch, it does conform to the body over time, which keeps it comfortable and supple for years. It is also flame retardant as well as elastic enough to prevent ripping or tearing.

As with any leather product, one should know how to care for buffalo leather in order to preserve it. It is generally easy to clean with its smooth finish. It contains strong fibers that help prevent the penetration of animal hair, dust and lint. Spills on buffalo leather can be cleaned with a soapy cloth, but in general, special leather cleaners and conditioners are best in order to keep the jacket in good condition. In fact, annual conditioning will help the leather age well and eventually become an antique.

Of course, there are many styles and designs of buffalo jackets for men from which to choose. There are classic biker jackets as well as advanced armor jackets. Designs can include various images of Americana such as eagles, the American flag, or even racing stripes. Most jackets are black, but there are other color options such as brown and tan.