Baby Coats for Girls

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Your baby girl is growing up fast. She needs the best that you can give. Buying baby coats for girls is a difficult task that many parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts face. There are a wide range of jackets and coats available in the market, but who has the time to go through them all. A beautiful coat will not only look great on your child, but will also make you look good. Below is a selection of the five cutest coats we think will look fantastic on your baby girl.

Top 5 Baby Coats for Girls

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#1. Naartjie Kids – Bow Trimmed Baby Girl Denim Jacket
This jacket is made from 100% cotton woven blue denim. It looks absolutely cute with its glitter heart print that we are sure your girl will love. The full metal button placket and button cuffs bring the jacket together. We are in love with the large bow trim that will certainly complement her cuteness and make her stand out from the crowd. Now the best part: it is machine washable, which means you do not have to worry about cleaning it after she has had her playtime. This fashionable jacket will surely make your baby girl even more adorable than she is now. (As if that’s possible, right? ;) )
#2. Lace Trimmed Hooded Fleece Jacket
When it comes to the basics, this jacket is super comfortable, warm and thick, not only that, it also looks stylish with an attached hood and front glitter graphic. The construction of the jacket is great with excellent finishing. The colors look fantastic as well, with choices being ‘raisin’ and ‘grey mélange’. It is great for layering and washes well. If you want to keep your little girl warm and cozy during spring and fall then this is the jacket to go for. It can also be worn during winter, but you will need to add more layers for her to be comfortable.
#3. Hopscotch Designs Jane Coat
This wonderful baby girl coat comes in ‘petal’ and ‘raspberry’ colors, looking great in both light and dark shades. Featuring a classic plush velvet swing coat design, this cute coat has it made in both the looks and the practicality department. It is fully lined and detailed with ribbon gathered pockets that look completely adorable. The pin-on poise is charming and adds grace and poise to an absolutely fabulous coat. This is a must-have for your little girl. As an added bonus, it is machine washable and can be dried in the tumbler.
#4. Zutano Cozie Lined Reversible Jacket
This company is known best for its high quality fabrics and it shows in this excellent jacket. It is an absolutely wonderful fleece jacket that is lined with the softest of cotton. The best thing about it is that it can be worn on either side. Your little girl can wear it fleece side out or print side out. With the fleece side, she will be warmer and comfortable, and with the print side, she will look fashionable and fun. The quality is superb and the jacket makes this list due to its combination of comfort and cuteness.
#5. Letop Soft White Faux Fur Jacket
This delightful jacket is very soft like a stuffed animal and feels extremely comfortable and cozy for your little girl. She will be nice and warm while looking like a princess. The white faux fur is lined with thermal weave that gives this jacket a lovely look. It will keep the winter out and at bay at all times while making your baby girl look fashionable and practical at the same time. The finishing is brilliant and the quality is just wonderful. This high quality jacket also captures the innocence of childhood while maintaining a unique, whimsical look. Best of all, it is machine washable, so you need not worry about cleaning bills.

The above list features some of the best, cutest baby coats for girls we could find. There are lots of manufacturers who produce quality products that are high quality and can capture the innocence and charm of childhood. Your baby girl will be comfortable all throughout the year, be it rain or cold, while looking fashionable and practical. She will stand out from the crowd with her unique, delightful jackets while other children look on with envy.