Corduroy Coats for Women

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Bestselling Corduroy Coats for Women

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Keep warm in style this fall with a nice-looking ladies corduroy coat. Corduroy coats are garments created using cotton fabric topped with parallel cords; thereby keeping you warm on the inside while maintaining a fashionable look on the outside. Instead of zippers, most of these coats come with buttons and/or a cloth belt to wrap around the waist. The corduroy is designed to flaunt the woman’s curves while keeping her protected from the elements the whole time she wears one.

Corduroy coats are no longer just winter wear. With better designs and more vibrant hues, they can be used just about any time you want. However, most fashion icons believe that garments made of corduroy are for casual wear only. You don’t have to listen to them all the time though. Rules always have exceptions. You’d be surprised at how smart you would look with some of these newer designs.

When wearing a ladies corduroy jacket, most women would pair it off with grey flannels and a tattersall shirt. In most instances, the choice of the trousers’ colors would depend on your coat’s hue. For instance, loden, dark brown or olive would go well with tan corduroy coats while brown coats would look great with green. Never wear corduroy coats with denim pants during the summer; they’re a contradiction. Corduroy is warm, denim pants are too. A combination of both would be a perfect recipe for your sweat glands to overreact.

How you use corduroy jackets for women really depends on your own style. Use your own creativity when mixing and matching. The good thing about these coats is that they stand out, even without luxurious accessories. Brand new or thrifted corduroys are everywhere today. So flaunt your curves all-year round; get yourself a corduroy coat now.

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