Columbia Winter Coats for Men

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Winter coats for men should be sexy representations of masculinity and purpose. Columbia winter coats serve these two functions while maintaining simplicity on the outside but strength on the inside. These coats have been created specifically for outdoor use during cold weather. They can be interchangeable with 3-in-1 designs, insulated, softshell and fleece.

Top 5 Columbia Winter Coats for Men

#1. Columbia Men’s Conundrum Valley Parka, Green

The Columbia Men’s Conundrum Valley Parka is made of 100% nylon with an attached hood and goggle pocket. It has a waterproof material and breathable material that keeps you dry and warm despite the subzero temperature of your surroundings. It is perfect for skiing and other winter sports activities. Its clean cut design is getting rave reviews from both men and women, making it one of the best products Columbia has produced.

#2. Shimmer Me Timbers Columbia Winter Jacket, Blue

Here’s another bestseller that you will surely love. The Columbia Omni-heat Shimmer Me -Timbers Jacket provides heat whenever you put it on. For areas that are usually covered in snow during winter and with temperatures averaging near 20 degrees Celsius, this should be a heaven-sent. Its snug-fit design may look bulky on you but it helps keep your body warm. It is lightweight so you shouldn’t be bothered by it as you go about with your daily tasks.

#3. Garnet Bowl Columbia Winter Coat, Omni Heat

The handiwork of Columbia is really visible in the Columbia Men’s Garnet Bowl Parka. Unlike the other two coats, this one’s made of polyester, which is why it is thinner. Despite it’s thinness, it is still effective in its purpose of keeping you warm. This is a great coat to wear if you just want to go out for an early morning jog, walk the dogs or even a short trip to the grocery. The vents of this coat may be more prominent than on the rest of the coats in this list, but you will be amazed by how thin and lightweight it really is.

#4. Columbia Bounday Run II Parka

If you need to be out in the cold for longer periods of time, then you will need the Columbia Men’s Boundary Run II Jacket. It is made of nylon on the inside and a combination of different materials like polyester, Acrylic Sherpa Pile and recycled polyester mesh on the outside. Its removable and adjustable storm hood is perfect for the unpredictable weather conditions. The great thing about this coat is that you can use it beyond the winter season. Just take off the hood and you can use this as you go hiking in the fall.
The only problem with this coat is that it does not have an adjustable collar. Therefore, if it’s really cold, you would still have to wear a scarf around your neck.

#5. Columbia Men’s Ascender Softshell Jacket,Tusk

If you are luckily situated in an area where winter is not as cold as Alaska, then the Columbia Men’s Ascender Softshell should be the coat for you. It is made of polyester so it gives a certain luster that is unlike the four other coats mentioned earlier. It’s best for the homebuddy who prefers to stay indoors. But if you decide to step out and the weather is below 40, you will need to put on a few layers of clothes underneath this jacket. Nonetheless, its wind and water resistant features are absolute winners.

No matter what your activity is during the colder months of the year, these manly winter coats should help keep you warm. Available in other colors and sizes, these coats are winter must-haves. Click HERE to check out more columbia winter jackets for men!

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