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When winter winds blow, the number one thing everyone needs is a quality coat. If you are a stylish gal looking for comfort, warmth, and fashion, then a down coat may be the best choice for your winter wear.

Down winter coats for women provide the best value for your money. Benefits include insulation that is effective even in temperatures below freezing, lightweight design provides warmth without putting stress on shoulders or back, and down coats are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. Since there are so many options to choose from, there is a coat to match your personality, no matter how off the beaten path that may be!

Down coats are often made from natural materials, including the filling. The insulation in these coats is made from duck and goose down feathers. The quality of a down coat can vary, depending on the proportion of down to the type of feathers used in the filling. When down feathers are collected from more mature birds, the insulation quality of the filling is greater. When shopping for down filled coats for women, you want to look for coats that are filled with a mixture of at least 75% down.

Most down coats are designed with a quilted stitch pattern. The pattern is not just a fashion statement, but is an important part to the integrity of the coat. Without these stitches, the filling of the coat may move and settle, making some parts bulge. If filling moves completely away from a certain area, that area would not provide any protection against the elements.

Companies which are known for quality down coat designs include DKNY, Burberry, Country Club ProSport, Columbia, and Liz Claiborne. Coats can be purchased in a variety of lengths to fit your style and needs. Active people may want to purchase a shorter style coat that will not encumber movement. Other shoppers may be looking for coats with hoods or lots of pockets. Many designers offer a selection of coats with detachable hoods for extra versatility.

In addition to down coats, you can also purchase down vests. For women who don’t like bulky sleeves, this can be a great option. By insulating the chest and abdominal areas, women can keep core body temperatures up while working outdoors during the winter. Many down vests also come with detachable hoods that can be worn on down coats made by the same designer.

No matter what style you end up purchasing, you’ll find a down coat to be superb value for keeping you warm during the winter.

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