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Columbia Women’s Rain Jacket with Hood
A very easy to wear rain jacket that let’s you sing in the rain. Enjoy the emotions that the rain draws out from you with Columbia’s Ramble Rain jacket. Made of 100% polyester and lined with recycled polyester and polyester mesh, this coat is both waterproof and breathable. It comes with a hood that you can put on or take out. The big, flat collar that rests on the shoulders and chest frames the face, because honestly, you don’t have to look bad in the rain.
ShayneCoat Women’s Raincoat with Hood
Evoke an Azzedine Alaia meets Yohji Yamamoto moment on a rainy day with J. J. Plastics Shayne Coat raincoat at a super affordable price. A Goth appeal to a coat gives so much more drama to the rain. Made of lightweight polyester and made long, the raincoat almost looks like a hooded dress. Wear it loose or with a waist by pulling the strings at the front or at the back, depends on where to want the drape to be. This may not be the raincoat for everybody but this definitely for that somebody with a certain style.
Jessica London Plus Size Rain Coat with Hood for Women
A raincoat with contrasted shawl collar and cuffs. At a glance, it doesn’t look like a raincoat. It blends with the rest of the clothes so much that it looks styled and thought about. Jessica London’s rain jacket comes in spring colors that brighten up a gloomy day. It is fun to wear with colorful prints and bold colors. It is one of those coats that catch the eye in the absence of a Walt Disney character in it. It has hidden front buttons and slide pockets for a very clean finish. It’s fun to wear with colorful prints and bold colors.
Fuloon Fashion Stylish Women’s Hooded Raincoat
Be all girly on a grumpy-weather day with Fuloon’s stylish raincoat. A fun, dainty and bright raincoat can make the flowers in your garden sing Halleluiah as the rain kisses its cheeks. Wear a hooded raincoat with a very cheerful disposition during times when the world is all dark and gloomy. It looks great with naïve rain boots and a lace Victorian era-inspired dress underneath. A smile on your face wouldn’t hurt too. It comes with a bag so you don’t have to worry about storage.
London Fog Women’s Single-Breasted Hooded Raincoat
The classic lady would surely enjoy this coat as she glides through the rain. It is a delightful black number that brings out your face and smile on a wet day. The black, tan and the teal polyester fabric are whipped up in a cheerful way to come up with a sunny and sparkling coat to protect you against the rain, cold and moisture. This is great to keep in the car for that short trip to the entrance door. It is also good to have one in the office for the random rain. Skip the fear and put on the fashion with this London Fog raincoat.

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