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Kenneth Cole Plush Toggle Jacket, Black, Medium
Kenneth Cole brings a very clean, crisp, and classic duffle coat made of 60% wool. A duffle coat that you can wear all season long without having to worry about figuring out what to pair it with. Wear it with any shirt or trousers. The removable hood can be attached at your discretion and weather conditions. It looks very cool with dark colors and clothes that are fit to the body. Be smart and casual with this coat. Try wearing a very dark red or electric blue with this coat to make the whole look attractive.
Kenneth Cole Men’s Solid Down Jacket
A quilted down jacket that is made of 100% polyester. It is incredibly warm and totally water-resistant. It is not bulky and the fit is made close to the body. You can avoid looking big or chunky in this jacket. Perfect for outdoor weekend activities. Always good for the short walk (or a long one) to pick up something down town. It comes in black and olive so you won’t have a concern with the coat being too bright or noticeable. In this age of unpredictable weather conditions, you can leave one in the car for emergency purposes.
Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Faux Leather Hoodie, Gray, Large
Almost like a biker, but not quite. The look is evoking Mission Impossible, but not really. More like Spiderman. I’m not sure. It’s mysterious. It’s comic hero. It’s also very everyday. A jacket like this would look cool on a young man in his twenties as well as a middle-age man in his thirties. The Kenneth Cole Reaction faux leather jacket makes the younger guy look older and the older man, younger. It is awesome for casual dates or night outs. It kind of gives you the “superhero” appeal. Made of 100% polyester.
Levis Men’s Faux Leather Aviator Bomber, Brown, Medium
A lot of jackets have military origins and the leather bomber is one of them. It became popular with different groups including punk and hip hop . Due to its cut and proportions, however, almost anyone can wear a bomber. Levi’s faux leather avaiator bomber jacket is very attractive and versatile in places with a cold climate. It looks hard but feels soft. It also reflects a vintage appeal. With a bomber jacket, the more broken in and worn it is, the better it looks. Made of 100% polyvinylchloride and lined with Sherpa.
Levis Washed Cotton Men’s Casual Jacket
A juxtaposition of opposing elements. The trucker jacket from Levi’s is urban and country. It feels masculine and yet it still has that soft appeal. It is very utilitarian and can be a mere accessory at the same time. With a long and colorful history, the trucker jacket is a must-have in every gentleman’s wardrobe. A jacket that can be worn as it is, or “pimped” with embroidery, graphics, buttons, paint, etc. and give it your own personality. It can be worn many times in many ways. Made of 75% cotton and 25% nylon with Sherpa lining.

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