Plus Size Women’s Robes

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Casual Moments Plus Size Robe 52 with Zipper
A robe that closes with a zip. A robe is a good garment to be in around the house or in the bedroom. It’s a more luxurious approach compared to T-shirts and pants or pyjamas. If you are planning of getting one, this robe from Casual Moments is a good choice because it is not heavy due to its polyester fabrication. It comes in rich colors too: velvety garnet, creamy coffee, sensual leopard and more. A glamourous friend for fall and winter with your books and art and crafts projects.
Casual Moments Plus Size 36 Inch Wrap With Ruffle Trim
Bask in femininity with Casual Moments robe with ruffle trim. Sometimes, going out of the house can be very stressful to our body and soul. There are times when it is best to stay in the house and relax or do some DIY projects. Feel warm as you sew. Feel cozy as you paint. Feel rejuvenated as you play the piano. Enjoy the time with yourself and your art in this soft and luxurious chenille robe. For once, enjoy winter around the house, by yourself or with your kids.
Casual Moments 50 Inch Plus Size Set-In Belt Wrap
Wrap yourself in a big teddy bear with this plush and extra cozy robe. It doesn’t only look soft, it feels so soft and so cuddly. Made of 100% polyester. How do you make this robe extra special? Give yourself a treat. Turn your bedroom into a spa. Buy some scented candles and some foot products. Play soothing, instrumental music. Turn the lights to low. Enjoy a whole day of pampering yourself in Casual Moment’s plus size robe. Sleep well. Feel really good about yourself. It’s a luxury.
Roamans Plus Size Short Terry Robe with FREE Matching Slippers
Do you like to match your robe with your slippers? Get this short robe from Roamans and get a matching pair of slippers for free. Don’t you just love to feel girly and matchy-matchy? Maybe you can also match the flowers in your bathroom, or your bedsheets and curtains. Well, that is something to look forward to every now and then. It comes in candy colors so you don’t have to choose. Get all of them. One for every day of the week!
Casual Moments 48″ Plus Size Robe
A light robe perfect for spring and summer. It is made of 96% rayon and 4% spandex. It has side seam pockets and a wrap set-in belt. It has a lovely drape on the body (hhhmmm Yohji Yamamoto moment?) due to the kimono-ish, raglan sleeves, shawl collar, and easy belt. Enjoy a spring weekend with no plans or trips, just two days at home doing nothing but pampering yourself or some little art works. That’s a beautiful way to spend a weekend. You don’t have to worry how you look, because in this robe, you always look pretty: cozy, homey pretty.

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