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Fred Perry V-Neck Sweater, Liquorice Marl/Rust/Camel
A sweater made of 100% merino wool. Merino sheep is regarded as having the finest and softest wool of any sheep. Aside from being fine and soft, the simplicity of the cut of this sweater is so elegant. The V neck draws attention to the jawline and the tight fit enhance the masculinity of the shoulders and chest. Looks good with camel-colored pants, dark blue jeans, or wool trousers. With this sweater, you can care less about how you look because you know you look good in this. Hand wash care only.
Fred Perry Shawl Neck Sweater, Black/Cloudburst
This is a cool variation to the crew and V neck sweaters. It has a shawl neckline to provide warmth to the neck and to add a simple detail and variation. A sweater is a must for every wardrobe. You have to find ones that represent you. This shawl neck sweater from Fred Perry makes a good member of your team of jackets. Just right for a round of drinks with friends, or to wear to watch a football game, and for that quick walk to the grocery.
Fred Perry Crew Neck Sweater, Graphite Marl/Port/Navy
Sweaters are a vital element of any guy’s wardrobe. A couple of sweaters will make (hopefully not break) a lot of dates and meet-ups. A crew neck sweater is a must for every closet. This one is made in Merino wool for a luxurious feel. The thing about this sweater is that you have to hand wash it to keep its properties and keep it in shape. It is a little extra effort to make your sweater go a long way.
Fred Perry Argyle V-Neck Sweater
A very striking pattern. The Argyle pattern was originally used for kilts, plaids and socks worn by Scottish Highlanders since at least the 17th century. The pattern as a sweater? Totally bold and extrovert. A must have for those days when you want attention. Eyes will definitely turn to your direction as you walk on the street with this. The good thing is that you can turn heads and attract attention without being over the top. Stand out from a sea of gray and blacks in the Fred Perry sweater.
Fred Perry Men’s Tipped Arglye V-Neck Sweater, Graphite Marl
Another variation of the Argyle pattern sweater from Fred Perry. This time the pattern comes in a more subdued tone. It looks perfect for fall. It blends well with the colors of the countryside. It is great for dates as it drapes well on the shoulders and the pattern and colors are so attractive in a masculine way. This sweater looks best when match with the colors/tones camel, sand, wheat, chocolate, and shades of gray in corduroy, khakis or even your regular trousers. Hand wash care only.

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