Business Card Holders for Men

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Aluminum Business Card Holder for Men
To minimalist and modernist to compromise? Even before you hand out your sleek and carefully laid out business card, tell the other person who you are and what your style is with this extremely minimal and sophisticated card holder. It slips easily in a pocket or purse. It is also enough to hold a good number of cards for a dinner event or a breakfast meeting. Even if you put it in your pants and go clubbing, you are sure that your important business cards are fine even partying all night as the case is made of aluminum.
Kenneth Cole REACTION Leather Business Card Case
This one is really gorgeous! It’s a bit tough looking due to the rugged edge stitching but it is a fun option compared to the very serious looking business card holders out there. It is an obvious choice for the more active gentleman. The case is made of cowhide leather to give good protection for your very important cards. It flips up to open, pretty much like a cellular phone case. Perfect for portrait oriented cards. The look is very versatile that it would go very well with a business presentation in one of the hotels in the city or mountain biking with colleagues on a weekend.
Curved Charcoal Pocket Business Card Holder
Curvy card holder. The shape is great for your table, as a paper weight or an accessory. When you need to go out of the office, you can easily slide it into your blazer’s pocket and off you go. It is made of aluminium, so it should withstand the motion. The design has been kept plain and simple for the no fuzz guy. It holds an average of twenty cards, just right for one trip to a meeting, a dinner date, or a vacation that requires networking. Keep it simple, most especially when handing over your contact information to someone else.
Instant Slide-Out Business Card Holder Case
A slide-out card case is another good option to impress your client. In this fast-paced world, everyone wants their cards quick and readily available. To avoid a second or two to of opening the cover, this holder lets you slide your thumb on the card. An alternative to the fully covered holder. If you already have a name case, there is no harm in getting this one too. It would be good to have a few card holders so you can quickly pick one up wherever you are and wherever you need to go.
Cowhide Leather Business Card Holder Wallet
Don’t you just love a classic style? If you do, this card holder from Marshal is a good one for you. It’s a bi-fold leather case that allows you to easily store 50 cards. This is a good case to bring along on a business trip or a convention where you are sure to meet more than a handful of people. You can slip cash in it too! There is really no harm in getting this holder if you have two or three in aluminum. If you don’t want to carry too many things with you, this card holder can work hard to store your identification cards, driver’s license, some bills, etc..

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