Windbreakers for Women

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Columbia Women’s Yamhill Jacket
Light and unpermeable. That is what every windbreaker should be. If you don’t have one yet, choose the Yamhill windbreaker from Columbia. It is wind-resistant, water-resistant, packable, and versatile. Wear it when you are jogging on a windy day. Put it on when you are getting the groceries and it’s drizzling. Pack it in your school bag because you’ll never know when the clouds want to kiss your cheeks. You don’t have to worry about anything when you are ready for everything.
Woolrich Women’s Brookmill Jacket
Although a basic black or white or gray would make a good versatile windbreaker, sometimes a bold color adds sweetness to a windy day. It breathes while keeping the water off and protects you from the sun too. This Brookmill jacket from Woolrich is definitely for the lady who has a happy take on life, rain or shine. It looks cute while walking, even cuter on a bicycle. It even looks good when you’re jogging on the beach on a misty afternoon. It packs into its own pocket so you can take it with you to wherever your next adventure is.
GoLite King’s Canyon Women’s Windbreaker Jacket
Because we are always on the go, we need things that pack small and weighs light. The GoLite King’s Canyon windbreaker fits in the palm of your hands! A jacket that can fold itself like tissue paper. Magic! You don’t have to worry about excess baggage when you travel and excess weight in your work or school bag. Just because it is so light does not mean it can’t protect you from the elements. It does, so effortlessly. It has adjustable hoods, zippered pockets, and most of it is made of recycled polyester. It is even a good thing to tell your friends and family about.
Royal Robbins Women’s Windjammer Jacket
If you are the bare-essentials type of woman, you might like windbreaker of Royal Robbins. It comes in different muted tones and a very plain look. The raglan sleeves and underarm gussets allow freedom of movement while keeping water off your shoulders. It packs into its own reversible pocket so you don’t have to worry about how to pack it and where to put it. The material is wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying. All that one could need in a windbreaker is here.
Lifetime Collective Tuam Windbreaker – Women
Look really young in this windbreaker by Lifetime Collective. It is so basic that you can wear it with anything underneath. It looks good with jogging pants and skin-tight jeans. The appeal is young enough for the school environment. Made of 100% nylon and full mesh lining. The cut is straight with no curves and the hem hangs loosely on the hips for that boyish charm. Any girl in any location can own one with no restrictions. Take it to school. Take it on vacation. You’ll need it.

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