Waterproof Parkas for Women

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Merrell Women’s Avalon Insulated Parka
Merrell’s Avalon insulated parka for women is a girl’s best friend in the fall or winter. It is functional and feminine. Although not tight to the body, it is designed to follow the natural curves of a woman. It doesn’t look too athletic, heavy, and isn’t uncomfortable. Its wonderfully placed seams makes you look fresh and having an easy time in the cold. Seam-sealed and waterproof. Low-bulk synthetic insulation. Much of the adjectives you are looking for in an anorak. Be unaffected by the freezing cold and the heavy, bulky layers people are putting on. Be, and not just look, young, attractive and stress-free with Merrell during the cold, rainy seasons.
Columbia Bugaboo Parka – Women
For a more active look, try Columbia’s Bugaboo parka. It knows how hard you work and it works hard for you. No matter how busy and active you are, you are still a woman. The seams and curves in this parka acknowledge that. They are wonderfully placed to highlight the woman inside. It comes in ten colors, so if black is not for you, choose from the other candy-colored ones. The shell is made of 100% nylon and lined with 100% nylon taffeta. The liner is made of 100% polyester fleece, 100% polyester taffeta, 100% nylon.
Red Ledge Free Rein Parka
The Red Ledge Free Rein Parka reminds of you of Christian Dior’s “new look.” It has a very tiny waist and accentuated hips. The sleeves have a soft, round silhouette that is very couture. If you want a very feminine parka that would not be mistaken to be a man’s jacket, this is the one for you. It’s difficult to imagine a skirt with a paka, but this parka made it happen. No matter how feminine it may look, it is still a parka and exists for a purpose. It is waterproof and breathable made of Gore-Tex fabric, with fully taped and sealed seams.
Red Ledge Thunderlight Parka Rain Jacket
Very similar to the Free rein parka, the Thunderlight rain jacket has a more solid look and lower price point. If you want to enjoy every moment of that camping trip, or that fishing in the lake activity, this jackets is your chum. Have fun in the rain without having to worry about getting colds the next day. The bright colors say the you are not afraid to get wet and you won’t compromise living in the moment just because of a little rain. Pack it with you when you hike. You will never know when real fun pours and you can sing “I’m singing in the rain!”

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