Mink Vests for Women

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Faux Mink Acrylic Poly Hooded faux fur vest Lined
Don’t be a drag, just be a queen. This famous line from Lady Gaga is very much applicable to our choices of vests. There must be a million vests out there. Your choice among them is critical on how you look and how people look at you. Skip the boring basics and look like a queen by topping your outfit with this faux mink hooded vest. It’s fun. It’s fierce. It’s fab. It’s exactly what you need to make a statement.
Mink Knit Vest with Pom Pom
Looking for a way to sprinkle excitement to what you are wearing. Put on this mink knit vest with pom pom to lighten up your look. It is very easy to mix your dresses and pieces because of its simple cut. Wear it with loud prints to tone it down or with a white dress to turn the notch up. Put some corsages on it, wear it with a hat, take it out on a date, even wear it with an evening dress. The point is, make it personal and make it your own.
Gray Knitted Mink Cape
Deliciously pretty! Be kind to yourself and aspire to look beautiful in the cold. Be sweet and sassy in this mink cape with a bow detail in the front. You don’t have to be chunky to keep the cold away. Mink feels very soft to the touch and provides natural warmth. The cape is closed by a bow, another detail that gives the cape its easy and light appeal. The sleeves allow for a snug fit on the shoulders. Wear it to the office. Go to church with it. Put it on a chilly weekend. Look pretty every second.
Sanctuary Clothing Women’s New Rockin Natalie Vest, Mink, Medium
Look hot in the dead of winter. No, not just hot, but sizzling in this faux mink fur vest from Sanctuary. It is long, up to the middle of the thigh for longer silhouette of the torso. It almost looks like you are wearing a coat, except it has no sleeves. It is tied around the waist to give it shape as it hugs the body. Its minimalist appeal lets you maximize the fun you’ll have with matching and mixing stuff you already have in your wardrobe. But it is not confined to the minimalist aesthetic. Wear it with a printed dress and leather boots and you will look very bohemian.
Mahogany Mink Fur Vest
Interested in a really luxurious mink piece to have its home in your closet? Consider this natural mahogany mink vest from Tres Chic Furs. It is 26 inches in length to cover the whole body. Lined with satin. It has that couture feel to it. You know, those kind of clothes that don’t fit well with your ordinary garments but fits perfectly with your special ones like the silk satins and chiffons. Imagine yourself in this vest and a pearly white satin dress in a posh fine-dining restaurant with your man discussing about your wedding. Divine!

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