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Blue And Yellow Letterman Jacket for Girls
Be sporty, but not chunky in this letterman jacket. Look conventional when paired with a pair of jeans. Wear a skirt and you suddenly look dressy. This jacket is great for college girls.
Burgundy Blue White Crop Varsity Jacket – Girls
When two colors are not strong enough, try three colors in a varsity jacket. It has an illusion of a tank top with a racer back. As versatile as a T-shirt, this jacket can be worn to different casual activities. The campus is a good place to sport this jacket. The grocery or the mall welcomes it as well Just don’t wear it to church or the prom! It features stripe banded accents, two front slide pockets, and a circular panther patch. It is made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester.
Blue Orange White Crop Varsity Jacket – Girls
Don’t like the color scheme of the previous jacket? Try this one instead. The blue and orange compliment each other in a fantastic way. You’ll be sure to turn heads while wearing this!
Blue Cropped Varsity Jacket for Girls
Make a statement that you are this cool, tough girl in New York. This very sporty, but also very girly cropped jacket is made of silk which gives it a luxurios feel. With a red heart detail and a sign that says New York at the back, nobody will doubt that you love the big apple. Whether you wear it to school or on a date, it does its job. The raglan sleeves give the shoulders soft lines. It has a zip pocket in front just in case you’re in your skirt and need to bring your lipstick or pressed powder along.
Fuchsia And Ivory Girls Varsity Jacket
If for once in your life, you have dreamed of joining the varsity or just look like a cheerful fan, this jacket does the job. This basic jacket is very versatile for different casual activities. Wear it to school, put it on when you are doing your groceries, or simply enjoying a lazy afternoon with chums. Look athletic and active, but still sweet and girly.
FU Cat Varsity Jacket for Girls
Some girls are not contended with just a sporty look. They also want to look rough like she rides a motorcycle. This jacket is a fun mix of the athlete and the biker. It has an illusion of raglan sleeves. It features stripe banded accents, two front slide pockets, and a embroidered FU patch and blue cat. The self is made of 85% polyester and 15% cotton. The contrast is made of 60% polyester and 40% PU.

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