Heated Jackets for Women

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Women’s Softshell Heated Jacket
This heated softshell jacket is your best armor against the cold. It is my favourite in this list of heated jackets for women. This sleek, non-bulky jacket deliver serious warmth when you need it most with just the press of a button. Micro-thin carbon fiber bundles in three heat zones warm your chest and back. Heat levels are adjustable up to 113 degrees. The ultra-slim battery pack fits in the chest pocket. The mini controller can be accessed easily via the inside or outside of the jacket. The battery is rechargeable and provides up to 5 hours of heat per charge.

The softshell exterior (face) light precipitation, while a windblocking layer helps prevent heat loss. A unique laminate layer makes it breathable, so you won’t overheat. The zipper has a guard and the collar is lined to help prevent chafing. Zipper pulls are corded, making them easy to grab. The inner cuffs and cinch cords help prevent heat from escaping. The sleeves are slightly tapered and the body of the jacket is shaped to flatter a woman’s figure. Brookstone softshell jackets deliver the latest technology, sleek and wearable in different ways.

Roxy Cypher Heating Jacket
The perpetual cold shouldn’t stop you from living life. It shouldn’t make you look like a grizzly bear either. Because the snow can give you breathtaking experiences, you better be prepared to bear with its nature. Made with built in battery operated FAR infra-red heat technology, this jacket easily becomes a stretchy base or midlayer. The high/low/off settings are easily operated under your shell, and the waterproof, impact-resistant battery will last for eight hours, so you can enjoy all your planned activities all day long in the cold. Made of 95.5 polypropylene and 4.5% spandex. Stay stylish without compromising performance with Roxy heating jacket.
Firstgear Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner
Firstgear’s heated jacket liner fit comfortably, operate conveniently, and gives you a safe and temperate riding experience. Instead of letting your motorcycle hibernate during the winter, ride it all you want! It is designed to be wired to work with Firstgear heated gloves. It can be plugged to a DC power source. The liner is rated at 110 watts at 12.8 volts. A protective outerwear should be worn over it. The jacket liner is safe to wear over one layer of clothing. Heating pads are located in the front, upper and lower back, sleeves and collar. It has a lightweight, soft nylon shell and shaped to stay true to the body’s form and keep it warm.Flex panels allows you to move freely.
Keep yourself active and warm with tried-and-tested, Firstgear heated apparel.

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