Bestselling Fox Jackets For Women

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Fox Racing Women’s Helter Skelter Jacket
The Fox Racing Women’s Streeter Track Jacket  is available in black and has the brand name in gel all down the front for those who like to show off their brands. It also has the Fox head imprinted on the back. The front zip goes all the way up to the collar for added protection. The sleeve hems come with thumbhole detailing on them. It is made with the ideal mix of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. This jacket is ideal for those on the heavier side. Its comfort level supersedes all others in the category.
Fox Racing Bossa Nova Jacket
Fox Racing Women’s Bossa Nova Jacket is for women with a smaller build. Thanks to the plaid checks, the overall illusion of being a bit bigger in size is what this jacket achieves. It comes with the double closing system of a zip and a button tab style closing. It is a multi-utility jacket for those women constantly on the move. It comes with button pockets on the hands as well as the shoulders. The brand name on this one is a bit discreet, as it placed on the hip. This is ideal for women who like to be fashionable without having the brand name scream out from their clothing.
Fox Racing Streeter Track Jacket
The Fox Racing Women’s Helter Skelter Jacket in small in the ever popular olive green is almost a must have accessory in every go-getter woman’s wardrobe. The logo in this model is placed on the buttons. It comes with pockets on the hands and the chest, again highlighting its utility factor as well. You will find logo patches on the sleeve too. The shoulders come with tab details running down the shoulder. For women who are particular about the fit, this one gives a semi-fitted look. One of the best things about this jacket is that it can be used as additional clothing in winter and even on its own as a spring jacket. As an outer jacket though, you should consider getting it two sizes smaller.
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If you are the sporting kind, having the right kind of attire is as important as anything else. Jackets are multi-purpose; they give you an added style quotient and they protect you against the elements. Fox jackets for women provide wonderful pieces from which to choose. There are some great fox racing jackets for women out there. The 3 pieces above are just my personal favorites.

Getting the right jacket is important to every woman. The thing about fashion today is that most women prefer it to be utilitarian as well as good looking and that is where Fox jackets for women come into the picture. They are available in a wide variety of styles and colors ensuring that no matter what build you are or what shape, there is a jacket out there that is quite suitable for you. Getting the right kind of jacket will take a bit of looking around, but you are sure to find what you like soon enough.

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