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Bestselling Raincoats for Boys

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Bestselling Raincoats for Girls

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Selecting raincoats for kids can be a bit tricky, as most children do not like wearing rain gear, and are quite conscious about the way they look in them. However, now thankfully, raincoats are available in a variety of colors and styles that are especially pleasing to kids. Little ones love to dress up, and if you select raincoats according to the theme they adore, you do not have much of a problem, getting them to wear it.

There is a huge range of themes available, suitable for small boys and girls. It all depends on the personality of your children, and the characters that fascinate them. For instance, the boys range has raincoats based on themes of fireman, space hero, pirate, dinosaur, batman and so on. For little girls the themes available are ballerina, fairy, mermaid, butterfly, cat, lotus flower and many more. Apart from these, there are quite a few animal themes like ladybug, frog, and bee, which are suitable for both girls as well as boys.

Raincoats for kids should not just look good, but must be made of good PVC material, which will keep your little ones dry, even in the worst downpour. The material should also be easily washable as kids usually make the most out of rainy season to have fun, and you are going to have many muddy stains to remove. The hood should fit snugly, and have elastic to prevent it from slipping off the head. Fasteners should be either the popper type, or Velcro strips, that can be easily handled by small hands.

Raincoats for kids are available in different sizes that are suitable for children who are a year old, right up to six years. While selecting raincoats make sure to get the right size as kids can outgrow them very fast. You should also make sure you do not get a size that is too big, as a loose fitting raincoat can be quite cumbersome for your kid to wear, and there is the possibility of water getting inside.

The themed raincoats come with cute matching hangars, which are in line with the theme. For example, the space hero raincoat has a hangar in the shape of a rocket, and so on. The hoods also match the theme, and if you are getting the fireman raincoat, the hood will be in the shape of a fireman’s helmet, or the pirate raincoat’s hood will be the typical pirate’s hat. Apart from that, you can also find matching rain boots, gloves, and waterproof bags that go with the theme of the raincoat you have selected.

The prices of raincoats for kids will vary according to the material and style, you choose. There is a huge range of budget rain gear for kids also available, made from cheaper plastic, and having a plain style. These will not last long, and are not that attractive compared to ones of reputed brands. It is always better to go for reputed brands, as you are assured of superior quality and styles.

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