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Duffle coats for men are becoming extremely fashionable, and for good reason. Not only are they stylish, they are also very comfortable and practical. It can be difficult for a man to try to make a statement with his fashion sometimes, but the duffle coat offers that man a chance to look great while sporting a style that is at once classic and cutting edge.

Duffle coats are made using a very coarse, woolen fabric. As a point of fact, duffle bags share a similar name because they were once made using the same material. The British style of duffle coat is perhaps the best known, and it offers men a number of great features.

Duffle coats were used during World War II by British soldiers in order to keep warm during colder times in unpleasantly freezing climates. In fact, they were issued officially by the British Royal Navy. Designed to be utilitarian with its warm wool, hood, and cozily toasty lining, the coats were never intended to be seen as an item of high fashion. Strangely enough, though, that is how many items of clothing which are now deemed fashionable came into being.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the duffle coat is its lack of buttons. Instead, a duffle coat for men features toggles. When these coats were designed, it was decided that buttons would be too difficult to operate in extreme cold, especially if the man wearing it was also wearing gloves. Interestingly, the distinctive toggle fasteners are now seen as a very stylish accent.

Duffle coats are not appropriate for every man, however. Some men simply cannot pull off the look very well, and that is not to say that they are hopeless in terms of fashion. One reason why the look works for some men better than others is that the duffle coat is three-quarters length. If it is any other length, then it ceases to be a duffle coat.

Another distinctive feature of the duffle coat is its tartan lining. Some people simply do not care for the design, which can be visible inside the hood of the coat when not covering the head. Of course, when more and more stylish men start wearing duffle coats, fewer people will see the tartan lining as a detriment.

Men love to be able to show off their sense of style in different ways than women. Duffle coats for men allow them the opportunity to be fashionable while retaining a sense of utilitarianism. It does not hurt that they are very warm, also.

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