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Bestselling Sheepskin Coats for Women

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Sheepskin coats for women are a good investment for any woman who lives in an area with a cold climate or cold winters. The warm inner lining makes them great for retaining heat, and the high price is well offset by the level of practicality offered. Although they require a certain amount of special care, sheepskin coats can be an ideal choice for any woman looking for some attractive and functional winter outerwear.

These coats generally feature an aesthetically pleasing suede outer surface. The natural sheep suede exterior comes in a warm palette of natural tans and mahoganies, making them appropriate to wear and match with any neutral or warm colors and even to complement certain cool tones. They are dressy enough to wear to semi-formal occasions and versatile enough to wear with jeans and boots, making them a great addition to a wardrobe that already includes some variety.

The care and keeping of sheepskin is somewhat complicated compared to coats and jackets of synthetic materials. Because of their natural organic materials, they cannot be easily laundered without causing damage. When you first bring your coat home, make sure to coat it with a stain repellent that is marketed toward use on suede. Repeat this process on a yearly basis, or more often if the coat is heavily used. This will prevent any heavy staining that would normally be combated by normal laundering. If the stain repellent fails and staining does occur, take your coat to a dry cleaner instead of trying to resolve the problem yourself.

If you must clean your coat at home, use a suede eraser purchased from a leather store to remove spots. Never attempt to clean your coat while it is wet, and never purposefully make the coat wet or damp. If necessary, use a shampoo intended for suede or sheepskin specifically to clean the outside. Pay particular attention to the directions of use to ensure that it is safe to use on the outside and the inside alike. Different care may need to be taken for different areas of the coat. If your coat becomes damp, hang it on a wooden hanger and allow it to dry away from a heat source. Never use wire hangers, which may cause the coat to lose its shape, and never dry near a heat source, which will ruin the natural oils and cause the coat to crack.

Sheepskin coats for women are costly, making them an investment that requires particular care. By understanding how to take care of your coat, you can maximize the life of your coat and get many years of good use from it. Be sure to give your sheepskin coat the best care and keeping that you can and your investment will be returned.

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