Winter White Coats For Women

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Winter white can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. It is an elegant classic color for coats and jackets that will go with any outfit from jeans with black boots to skirts with bulky scarves. Winter white coats for women are all the rage again, thanks to Kate Middleton’s belted coat with the black buttons, a stylish design in a classic color.

Top 5 Winter White Coats For Women

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Woolrich Women’s Klondike Down Coat
The Woolrich women’s Klondike down coat is a perfect winter white coat for women. It is a full-length coat, well insulated against winter’s cold as it is filled with duck down and duck feathers, and it has a removable faux-fur rabbit collar. I love the fact that it is so light-weight, without the bulk or constrictive feeling of many winter coats, making it a perfect every day coat jumping in and out of the car while running errands. This coat also has classic tailoring and it can also be worn as a dress coat with some outfits.The Woolrich Kondike coat has a quilted outer shell and it is belted at the waist. The coat itself can be machine-washed which is important to me, but the faux-fur collar should be dry-cleaned. This is a smart coat with the benefit of warmth.
Mountain Hardwear Downtown Down Jacket
Mountain Hardwear Downtown Down Jacket is a short little coat for those who love the bomber jacket style, perfect for every day wear, as well as winter sports like skiing or skating. The outer shell has a unique quilted pattern and there are two side pockets to keep your hands warm when gloves are not handy. It is down-filled for warmth and comfort, has a soft velour inner lining with drawstrings at the hem to keep out those cold drafts.For me, the Mountain Hardware jacket is perfect for skiing and it is lightweight and non-restrictive when lumbering down the slopes. Women do not feel the need to layer with this jacket.
Sierra Designs Gnar Hooded Down Jacket
Sierra Designs Women’s Gnar Hoody is beautifully tailored and is a perfect choice for women who are short waisted. For a down-filled jacket, it is not bulky and is styled to enhance your form as it comes in at the waist. It has two zippered side pockets with an attached hood. The front zipper closure comes right up to ensure your chin and neck is protected from bitter winds.This Sierra hoody will keep the cold out and is another smart every day jacket. You will love the quilted design on the outer shell and the warmth you get from a shorter jacket.
Ash Ladies’ Down Jacket
The Ash Ladies’ Down Jacket is a lovely short jacket for women on a budget who still promises style and comfort. It has a polyester inner lining and is filled with 30% feathers and 70% down. It has tailored side panels with a vertical zippered pocket in front and two zippered pockets down the sides. The quilting design is simple and basic.This down jacket is perfect for every daywear or for wear on the slopes. It is a lovely classic winter white jacket that can be machine-washed and died on low and gentle cycles. It is suitable to all body types.
Mountain Hardwear Downtown Coat
The women’s Downtown Coat, by Mountain Hardwear is a popular choice. It is a full-length, down-filled parka, known to be very warm and comfortable. It comes with a detachable faux-fur trimmed hood for use on those more blustery days. The inner lining is made of fleece and there are cord ties on the inside waist to give the shape to the body. The front pockets will keep your hands extra warm on those winter walks.This coat is most popular because is it warm and non-restrictive. You do not feel overly bundled. It has a nice quilted outer shell and is perfect for daywear or evenings.

There are many styles of winter white coats for women. The warmest and least bulky are the quilted down coats and jackets that have been popular for several years. Today, they are made for style and comfort, and the more light-weight, the more popular they are. The top five coats listed here will suit all body types, are stylish, nicely tailored, are easy to clean, and are less restrictive to body movement than most.

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