Columbia Fleece Jackets For Women

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Columbia is one of the world’s leading sportswear brands, specializing in hi-tech, comfortable and stylish outerwear for women as well as men. One of the clothing items Columbia is most famous for is their fleece jackets that come in a variety of styles for any individual or situation. If you are looking for a practical, yet attractive jacket for outdoor sports and activities this autumn, start your search with the five products in this list, or click here for the full collection.

Top 5 Columbia Fleece Jackets For Women

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Columbia Sportswear Benton Spring Fleece Jacket
This style is the best-selling fleece produced by Columbia Sportswear and with good reason. The Maximal Thermal Retention (MTR) fleece is unique to Columbia and combines high performance with quick-drying and anti-pilling properties. Designed specially to flatter a female figure, the simple design includes a front zipper, draw cord hem and low-profile pockets that make it easy to keep your hands warm. This stylish jacket comes in six different color options – Winter White, Columbia Navy, Black, Charcoal Heather, Beet and Cordovan. This is a great basic fleece jacket for women who want to stay warm and look great without all the fancy extras. Shoppers should note that the sizing runs a little on the large side in this style.
Wind Groove Womens Columbia Fleece Jacket
For ultimate protection against the elements, you may want to consider the Wind Groove jacket from Columbia. This fleece jacket is designed specifically for use in alpine environments to protect you against biting cold winds and extreme elements. Style is not compromised for the sake of performance and this jacket is also surprisingly stylish with feminine lines and a fabric that feels more like fake fur than fleece. The Wind Groove jacket is available in four different colors – Black, Grill, Winter White, Black/Grill combination and Deep Teal. This is the ideal jacket for cycling, hiking, and getting through harsh winters in comfort.
Columbia Benton Springs Plaid Fleece Jacket
If you are aiming for a casual jacket that will also keep you warm, this update of the classic Benton Springs jacket (See #1) could be just the ticket. The high quality micro fleece is ideal to be worn alone on chilly days or as part of a layering system for more extreme weather. The plaid fleece is an unusual design for sports fleeces and is ideal if you are looking for a more interesting and more feminine alternative to plainer styles. This jacket comes in a range of beautiful bright colors including Dark Orchid, Bluegill and Burnt Henna. Grill and Oyster shades are also available for those who prefer more subdued shades.
Columbia Fast Trek Fleece Jacket
This lightweight basic but stylish fleece is ideal for a number of situations, whether you are heading out on a mountain trail or just popping out for a quick neighborhood walk. The Fast Trek jacket also has some handy features that you will be sure to appreciate like a high collar to guard against chilly winds and a small zip shoulder pocket, ideal for an mp3 player or other small item. This jacket is everything you need in a basic fleece – lightweight, warm and available in a rainbow of bright colors including pinks, purples, blues, greens and reds as well as classic black or white.
Columbia Pearl Plush II Fleece Jacket
This fleece jacket comes in just three main colors – Black, White or Grill, but is anything but boring. You will soon rethink your idea of fleece when you feel the luxury high pile pearl plush. This amazing fabric will not only keep you toasty warm, but is so soft and snuggly next to your skin, you probably won’t want to take it off! This is most definitely a design for women only – the close fit is an ideal cut for the female figure that will not hide your curves and the jacket looks sporty without compromising style.

You are sure to find the perfect fleece for you from this selection of great jackets. The Columbia Sportswear company was founded in 1938 and has been the outer-wear brand of choice for many women all over the world. Choosing the Columbia brand when buying outdoor clothing assures you great quality and these Columbia fleece jackets for women are excellent examples of that quality.

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