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Bestselling Helly Hansen Waterproof Jackets for Men

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Helly Hansen Voss Jacket, Navy
Mandel Helly Hansen Rain Jacket
Helly Hansen Vancouver Jacket, Blue

Bestselling Helly Hansen Waterproof Jackets for Women

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Helly Hansen Anchorage Jacket, Petunia
Helly Hansen Voss Jacket, Allure
Helly Hansen Vancouver Jacket,Off White
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Helly Hansen is one of the leading producers of all-weather jackets which are designed to give you the best protection in all kinds of weather. Helly Hansen waterproof jackets are very popular among men and women who prefer to keep active even during the rainy and windy seasons. Constructed using waterproof materials and tailored to keep rain and cold winds away, jackets from Helly Hansen are light but allow for more freedom of movement while providing adequate rain and wind protection.

Materials and Construction

Waterproof jackets from Helly Hansen are made with a polyurethane construction coupled with a laminated knit backing that is designed to repeal odor and mildew. They also come with micro-welded seams that keep moisture out to keep the wearer dry. For a customized fit, drawstrings on the hem and snap cuffs allow wearers to customize the look. The stowaway hood can also be used when it is raining and removed when not needed. The whole jacket can be stored when not in used by folding it down to a fraction of its size. It is designed to fold into the pocket that can then be zipped once all the fabric is inside.


Owners of Helly Hansen waterproof jackets need to know how to care for their clothes. The website provides a helpful breakdown of care instructions according to each material or piece of clothing. For waterproof jackets, users can wash them in 40-degree water using a technical wash solution. It is important to zip up all zippers and draw all drawstrings together to avoid any tangles with the washing machine agitator. It is also important to note that fabric softener breaks down the tech shell so this should not be used. Users should avoid machine drying the jacket since excessive heat breaks the shell down as well. After each wash, the jackets can be applied with an aftermarket repellent treatment.


Helly Hansen has been used for years by athletes, backpackers, skiers and explorers and are prized for their durability. Jackets are as durable as they are because they are real world tested and they come tailored for extreme weather conditions. However, the company makes sure that customers are protected against manufacturing defects. Garments have a one year warranty for poor workmanship and the company will replace the article free of charge.

Helly Hansen jackets come made of quality materials and workmanship that make them one of the preferred brands of jackets for people who want to keep dry in rainy and windy conditions. The quality of materials and construction makes it perfect for joggers, backpackers, and people who need to work outdoors even in the rain. Backed by reliable service and a reliable warranty, wearers are ensured that they are kept warm and dry when walking, running, or exploring in the rain.

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