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Just because you need to wear a raincoat does not mean you need to sacrifice your personal sense of style. If you are in the market for a new raincoat, brave the winter season in style with the top five most stylish raincoats for women. Compare the best ranking raincoats below and choose a trendy raincoat that will match practically every piece of winter clothing you own.

Top 5 Most Stylish Raincoats for Women

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#1- The Scroll Long Mycra Pac Donatella Raincoat

If you are looking for a unique raincoat that is perfect for uncertain weather, consider investing in the Mycra Pac Scroll Long Donatella. It is very difficult to find a unique raincoat with most manufacturers sticking to popular trends that sell out fast. If you are the type of person that wants to look classy without looking like everyone else on the block, the Scroll Long Donatella is perfect for you. These stylish raincoats for women are reversible, light in weight, generously cut. Cover up with a stylish raincoat and still show off your figure. The hood will protect you from the rain while still adding a hint of style. In fact, the Long Donatella is so stylish, you do not even have to worry about your outfit underneath.

#2- The Short Mycra Pac Donatella Fashion Travel Raincoat

Mycra Pac raincoats are so well known for their fashionable designs, they make this list twice. The Short Donatella is Mycra Pac’s spin on the long coat. If you want to show off your legs or your new leggings, the Short Donatella gives you the opportunity to show a little while still staying sheltered from the rain. Like the Long Donatella, the Short Donatella is reversible, lightweight, and perfect for traveling. Match your Short Donatella with the perfect rain boots and head scarf and women will be asking you where you got your coat.

#3- The Rainy Day Michael Kors Rain Coat

The Michael Kors Rainy Day Rain Coat has flare with very classy belt buckles around the waist and wrists. With very little detailing, you can make a huge fashion statement without going over the top. The Rainy Day Trench has a removable hood so you can decide when you want to cover up and when you do not. If you are a huge fan of Michael Kors apparel, or you simply want a quality trench that stays dry on wet days, invest in the Rainy Day Trench and stay warm and dry.

#4- The Port Authority Women’s CRBN Trench

As you may have noticed, clothing designers love to put a feminine spin on the historical trench. Port Authority has put their own spin on the classic trench with their CRBN coat. If you want to combat the rain in urban style, invest in the CRBN. Port Authority’s trench is both unique and versatile. If you only have enough money to invest in one raincoat, the Port Authority trench can be worn on a night out or to work.

#5 – The Women’s Gooka Diesel Trench Coat

Diesel is a respected clothing manufacturer respected for allowing women to express themselves through clothing. The Diesel Women’s Gooka Trench is one of the best-selling trenches on the market because of its classic styling with a trendy twist. This double breasted and belted trench has the perfect combination of zippers and buttons to add a unique touch to any winter outfit. The poly/nylon blend is perfect for going out in wet weather without weighing yourself down. Throw on some warm leggings or stitched jeans and you will look like a million bucks without spending a fortune.

Some women let the rain cramp their sense of style. If you want to look and feel great no matter what the weather is like, invest in one of the most stylish raincoats for women. Clothing designers are very creative. Invest in a beautiful raincoat and put your own twist on your overall outfit. Trenches and raincoats can match almost any dressy or casual ensemble. Compare prices, fabrics, sizes, and the overall style of each raincoat to choose a piece that matches your budget and your wardrobe.

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