Best The North Face Rain Jacket for Women

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The North Face Rain Jacket for Women In White or Blue

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Me and my girlfriend Natascha like taking the occasional hike or camping trip. One could say we are relatively outdoorsy people. Now, I have to tell you, my girlfriend absolutely hates it when it rains during these trips. It is not so much the rain that bugs her though. It’s more the getting wet from it part that is such an annoyance to her. She could never find a rain coat that could properly keep her as dry as she wanted to stay. She then heard from a friend of The North Face rain jackets for women and how they would supposedly keep you dry and warm no matter how much rain pours from the sky.

So Natascha did some research online and quickly found that the North Face Venture rain jacket was getting positive reviews almost unanimously. She just had to try it out. She ordered it from Amazon and we scheduled a camping trip with some friends of ours as soon as it arrived. She couldn’t wait to see if all the reviews were right.

Well, I won’t tell you whether they were right or not. I will just let her do the talking, so here is her North Face Venture jacket review:

The North Face Venture Rain Coat is the absolute best rain jacket I have ever worn! If you are outdoors or in the rain a lot, I wholeheartedly recommend it. I stayed dry the whole trip, and the jacket keeps you very warm in spite of the light material. It’s very waterproof and very breathable. My female friend that was with us was jealous of my raincoat, as was Robert for that matter. I’m pretty sure next time we will all be sporting a North Face rain coat.

Well she has spoken true. I have already ordered the Men’s Venture rain jacket, and am already waiting for it to arrive. We’ll have to see if our friends have done the same though.

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