Swing Jackets for Women

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If you are tired of rummaging through your closet trying to find something to pair off with your skinny jeans, then perhaps you just need an outerwear that is both trendy and useful. Swing jackets for women never go out of style because they serve three purposes: a.) they keep you warm, b.)they conceal the weight you carry in your upper half and c.) they add a bit of class to your outfit.

Swing jackets are a combination of the normal jacket and a capelet. They are often cropped in shape with extra volume and with buttons along near the collar. They ought to form-fit the shoulders but tend to flare towards the bottom. With such a design, it takes the eyes off your torso and down your shapely legs as they are emphasized by the swinging of the fabric whenever you walk.

A women’s wing jacket is best worn with complimentary pants or skirts. Use form fitting pants or skirts to make your lower half compliment your upper half. Never wear loose pants or skirts with a swing jacket, because they would make you look bulky and unappealing.
If your swing jacket is one that is open in the middle, then your inner shirt should also blend well with the rest of your outfit. It would be best to match your swing jacket with a pair of high heels or boots to complete the sophisticated look. During colder days, top it off with a bright colored scarf tied loosely around your neck.

When you have a short-sleeved swing jacket, it would be best to wear it over a long-sleeved shirt. If you then match this outfit with a couple of form-hugging pants and boots, you will achieve that Parisian look. For plain looking jackets, you are free to accessorize. Put on a pair of earrings or a simple bracelet and you’ll be the envy of everyone you pass by on the streets.

Swing jackets can be worn during all seasons. You can wear a short-sleeved jacket that opens in the midsection during summer; a short-sleeved buttoned one in the fall; In winter, you could wear a long swing jacket under your warmer winter coat and create an awesome layered look.

Also known as swing coats for women.

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