Quiksilver Jackets for Men

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For decades, Quiksilver has been the go to brand for quality jackets. The company’s expert designers are known for their unique combination of relaxed comfort, sporty flair and stylish, sophisticated lines. Quiksilver jackets for men are versatile garments that never look out of place. From an afternoon hike in the mountains to a night out on the town, these jackets are made to suit any occasion. With the wide variety of styles available, however, it can be difficult to choose which one you would like to buy first. Using this list of the top 5 men’s Quiksilver jackets as your guide, you should be able to make the decision and find a jacket that you will be happy with for years to come.

Top 5 Quiksilver Jackets for Men

#1. Quiksilver Billy Jacket, Marsh Green

Of all the men’s Quiksilver jackets, this one earns its place at the top of the list because of its simple-yet-stylish cut, its versatility and its soft, comfortable lining. Perfect for a windy fall afternoon or a damp spring morning, the Quiksilver Billy Jacket has a fleece lining that makes it much warmer that you might guess from its light appearance. This style is available in three colors: marsh green, stone gray and black. While these colors are neutral enough to go with anything, the jacket’s metal trim detail, welt pockets and gasoline-style cut make it stand out in a crowd.

#2. Quiksilver Young Men’s Gaslight Jacket, Black

While not as neutral as the Billy Jacket, this Gaslight-style garment puts the finishing touch on any stylish young man’s outfit. The straight lines of the black and gray plaid pattern offset the diagonal slashes of the chest flap pockets. The brushed cotton twill shell and taffeta lining guarantee comfort. Because its fabric is machine washable, you can play rough outdoors without worrying about dirt. This midweight jacket is the perfect weight for a cool summer evening by the lake and is fun enough to wear out on a special date.

#3. Quiksilver Baffled Jacket – Black

When the cool summer evenings have turned to even colder winter evenings, you know it is time to look at warmer Quiksilver jackets for men. With its polyester shell and 200g polyfill insulation, the Quicksilver Baffled Jacket is perfect for a snowball fight or a mid-blizzard walk. The fleece lining adds extra comfort and the stretch cuffs seal snow out of your sleeves. With its baffled shell and choice of basic black or abyss blue, this coat is the perfect combination of strength, functionality and standout style.

#4. Quiksilver Trip Jacket, Black Print

If the Baffled Jacket is not exciting enough for you, why not try the SNOW Men’s Trip Jacket. This shell jacket offers the perfect combination of lightweight fabric and water resistant warmth. Its sporty appearance is highlighted by its chunky black, gray and blue pattern. Unlike many jackets that appear sporty, this one delivers. Its ergonomic elbows are designed to allow maximum flexibility. Its interior pocket is perfectly designed to stash your snow goggles when you are not using them. The meshed lining is built to vent excess heat and provide the airflow you need to get that perfect balance between hot and cool.

#5. Quiksilver Fleece Jacket, White

Of all the Quiksilver jackets for men, this may the most casual. A warm fleece hoodie with a full front zipper and front pocket, this is perfect to throw on for a backyard barbecue or night with friends at the local burger joint. Its white color is offset by a subtle black and gray appliqué and its extreme comfort is second to no other jacket on this list. While white jackets do not usually mix well with an active lifestyle, you need not fear the dirt, as this fleece can be thrown in a cold washing machine and dried in a low-heat dryer.

If you are in the market for a new coat, these five jackets are a great place to start. In the end, however, the style you choose is up to you. Think about what you like wear and what you feel comfortable in. Consider your climate and your lifestyle. Whether you need a warm winter coat to wear snowboarding or a light summer jacket for nights out on the lake, you can be sure that you will find what you are looking for in one of the many Quiksilver jackets for men.

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